Welcome to the club!

Welcome to the Club - Rebel Dog Club
Casper and the beginning of Rebel Dog Club

The club.

Having a pet like a dog is not a small task. It's a huge responsibility that also comes with great joy. Having a dog is a relationship, it's a unique bond between you and your dog. it's almost like a club, a very small joyful club that you enter as a dog-parent with your dog. It's about family and never let each other down and be there for each other. That's what I realized when Casper entered my life. From day one, I and Casper made a pact - To be there for each other, approach everything with joy, do things that make others smile, and most importantly having fun while doing so. That's Rebel Dog Clubs purpose and birth. That's the "Club", it's a sign of your pact, so why not picking up a product for you to human. Show you're pack with style to it!

the Human-dog bond.

Our mission in this journey is to strengthen the human-dog bond. The relationship between a pet parent and its pet is deep and meaningful. There is a unique bond and communication that connects us with our dogs that is highly personal. And thats the mindsets behind our products and designs, it's personal. That's why we craft products that empower personalities and further strengthen the human-dog bond. By working with our values we will do our best to further contribute with useful products that contribute to this cause.

The Human-Dog Bond
Rebel Dog Clubs materials.

Our materials.

As a member of the club, we promise to do good and contributing with what we can to make our world a better place and use what we have sustainably. Therefore, we always strive to use natural, organic, or recycled materials whenever possible. During our journey, we will explore how to develop our products with better materials and alternatives and do our best to not contribute to more waste, rather working against it instead.

We support eachother.

As part of our promise - Doing Good, we donate 5% of each sold product to organizations that support and care for animals and our environment. Twice a year, we will add up our total sales and donate 5%. To spread help as widely as possible, we'll choose a different organization every time. Please let us know of organizations that you believe are doing good so we can support them together.

Rebel Dog Club supports organisations who care for animals and our environments.

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